Mobile Market Research: 10 Key Facts for Researchers

Mobile is increasingly important in Market Research. There is a very interesting article that pulled together some key facts on global mobile usage in March 2014. And from Spain Market Research we want to give you a small overview:

  1. Mobile Penetration Levels: The average level of mobile device ownership in 21 countries across the globe was 87% (2012). Of the 21 countries measured, an average of only 21% of the population (or 26% of cellphone owners) used the device to access the internet. The average penetration level of mobile broadband in developed countries is currently estimated at 75% for 2013, in developing countries at 20%.
  1. Growth rates: Overall growth in mobile usage is currently still strong but flattening off, as saturation levels are reached. Mobile broadband subscriptions, however, are still growing extremely rapidly.
  1. Mobile in the Developing World: The “developing world” is following a mobile-first trajectory. The laptop/desktop phase is likely to be skipped. Many innovations in mobile – multi-SIM cards, low value rechargers, mobile payments – have originated in poorer countries.
  1. Mobile: Positively Disruptive: Mobile is transforming key industries, enabling efficiencies, cost-savings and multiple stakeholder benefits in both the developing and developed world: M-health, developing world agriculture, M-finance, retail.
  1. Mobile: a playful medium: 1 billion of the total global 2 billion gamers are on mobile devices. The implications for research are clear: introducing a fun aspect into any form of survey will help enhance engagement, the length of time a participant will willingly dedicate to your “knowledge needs”. Gamification and mobile are natural bedfellows.
  1. “Shopping” on the mobile: looking for products to buy/ actually buying is a lower-order priority after socialising, playing, relaxing – at least in the US.
  1. Mobiles accompany us everywhere…. – including the bathroom! 75% of Britons and North Americans stated they used their mobiles whilst in the bathroom (the toilet, actually)
  1. In-home Usage of Mobile: Home is often the most Common Place of Use
  1. The rise of Mobile-only Households is increasing: An increasing number of households are mobile-only. Telephone research (CATI) that wishes to ensure a representative sample of the General Population increasingly needs to build in an ever higher percentage of mobile respondents into the Survey Design.
  1. Usage of smartphones amongst the 50+ Generation is still relatively limited: The 18-29 year age cohort shows strong engagement with smartphones across many of the 21 countries examined, whilst the 50 + age group shows shower consistently lower adoption levels.

If you’re interested in the full article from Edward Appleton, please click here:

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