Market Research Trends for 2016

Market research trends 2016

When a new year comes, everybody likes to look for trends about different themes: fashion, technology, science, art, food, sports, music, etc… From Spain Market Research, we were curious to see which are the “Market Research trends for 2016”, and after a small research I found out a very interesting article. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Marketing mobile keeps strong : ad spending focus on mobile and video

These types of advertisements require us to rethink current models of ad testing and incorporate newer technology that can track and monitor how the younger generations respond to advertising on mobile devices.

Location-based marketing will likely see a huge increase this year. Successful brands and retailers will incentivize engagement with brands through personalized marketing that catch the consumer in their immediate reality (time and place). Consumers appreciate the personalized touch of location-based coupons and sale announcements. Continuing to understand how consumers use mobile while in stores or while out walking around will be a big focus of experience-based research this year, which leads to our next trend.

  • Brands will increase efforts to measure the experiencing-self of consumers.

Our product offerings largely focus on the experiencing-self of consumers (shopper eye tracking, coding emotional responses of consumer reaction to displays, ads or communication, etc.), but what is becoming even more evident is that our research is not just part of a one-off research initiative, but rather part of a larger research program that takes into account the full picture of the consumer landscape. Brands ask to incorporate segmentations models and other brand-focused information into our attention or emotional analysis of how consumers shop, interact with mobile devices or watch advertisements. This provides more of 360-degree view of the consumer because while remembering is important, subconscious effects that are difficult for consumers to recall about themselves (what exactly did they look at, how exactly did they feel) still make an impression on the consumer.

  • The new shopping landscape is “buy anything, anywhere.”

Consumers want immediacy and they want everything custom tailored. Older retail models that don’t buy into anytime anywhere are severely challenged in the new marketplace. The new three-dimensional structure of buying channels requires a more robust research initiative into the various ways people consume in the “buy anything, anywhere” age. Consumers do price comparisons in stores, and then buy online. Conversely, consumers decide on purchases online and have groceries delivered or have their goods delivered to their car curbside at Target.

  • Big data keeps getting bigger.

Storage is cheap; processing is cheap – so cheap in fact that companies are able to house and store massive amounts of data for very little cost. Big Data represents an enormous challenge for market research, which is historically based on comparably smaller, point of time data sets. While Big Data is certainly a disruptor that the industry is fully aware of, it also represents a tremendous opportunity for researchers to incorporate real insights from huge datasets with a wealth of information. When this information is shared, incorporating this performance data into research initiatives not only provides deeper context, but a more well-rounded story.

  • As video consumption increases, so does ad spend.

Every statistic about video consumption is on the rise and shows no sign of slowing. Video is important to consumers, but it’s also key for marketers and advertisers. The Online Publishers Association reports that four of five Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the last 30 days. The majority of senior executives state they’d rather watch a video than read written text. Measuring engagement with video, particularly on mobile devices, is key to understanding its effectiveness on the target audience.

  • In-store experience is more critical than ever.

Being in the business of measuring consumer behavior in stores we know that experience elements have an enormous effect on how much time a shopper spends in store, the amount a shopper spends, and customers’ likelihood to return to that establishment. Businesses are paying attention. Retailers are focusing more on what goes on while their customers are in the store and focusing research efforts on the entire experience as opposed to interactions with a given product or category.

The next year looks to be an exciting time for research suppliers and clients alike. As consumers expect a more tailored experience what they watch and how they shop both online and in-store, the research providing deep insights into the consumer world will need to be flexible, customizable, and focused on the experiencing-self of customers. Continuing to find new ways to incorporate new technology while creating a cohesive story from a full range of research offerings is now more important than ever.

If you are interested in the full article, please click here:

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