The Top 10 Challenges in the Market Research Industry

Market researchFrom Spain Market Research we want to share a nice article about the challenges in the market research industry.

Top themes in responding to the question, What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing market research in 2015?

  1. Methodogy: 56% of respondents mentioned the methodologies of market research as one of the biggest challenges they face.
  2. Clientele: 29% of respondents mentioned that one of their biggest challenges is dealing with their customers and clients. This topic often co-occurred with other topics in this report, meaning that when respondents talked about clients, they were often likely to talk about one or more of the other topics in this document.
  3. Outcomes: 25% of respondents mentioned that poor market research outcomes are the biggest challenge in 2015.
  4. Technologies: 22% of respondents mentioned that their biggest challenge is the new technologies used in market research.
  5. Differentiation: 21% of respondents mentioned that the biggest challenge they face is trying to differentiate themselves from a sea of competitors.
  6. Quality: 14% of respondents mentioned the quality of data, quality of respondents, and quality of insights as their biggest challenge to market research.
  7. Internal Talent: 8% of respondents said that internal talent is one of the biggest issues or challenges to market research in 2015.
  8. Old and New Methods: 6% of respondents mentioned the challenge of old methodologies in market research. It was discovered that there is a dichotomy of thought in the marketplace about “old methods”. Some believe that old methods are tried and true, and therefore are to be trusted, while others believe that it’s time to put aside the old methods and try more innovative techniques.
  9. Big Companies: 4% of respondents mentioned issues related to big companies, with the largest proportion of these conversations about competing with big companies.
  10. Communication: 3% of respondents mentioned that communication with real consumers is the biggest challenge to market research in 2015.

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